eat your way to skinny


I'm pretty sure all of us are conscious of our portions, or we would at least like to be. How do we know what 1/2 cup of ice cream looks like (the standard serving size)? What really is ONE portion of meat? Everyone knows that portions are much MUCH bigger nowadays. So how do you know how much to eat?



My cousin tipped me off to this delectable creation. He found out through his old mission companion's wife, who created it... didn't follow the connection? Doesn't matter. Aren't they gorgeous? And the colors are customizable.

So... how does it work? Each colored ring/floral design on the dish is a measurement of 1/4 cup to 1 cup. It's built in to the dinnerware. And if you forget what is what, the underside of each dish will remind you. Awesome. Soooo cool. And so much easier than lugging out your measuring cups, stuffing your food into that, then putting it onto your plate. That gives you nothing but wasted time, extra dishes, extra whiny kids/husband who are waiting for you to measure everything out, and ZERO motivation to eat proper portion sizes.

But Thinnerware? Wow, it does all the work for you. Awesome. Grand opening is May 27. I hope they still have dishes left on their shelves after day 1!


  1. I'm just thinking...."Thou shalt not covet, Melissa!" I want! :P

  2. Wow we will have to check that out! I love that idea!

  3. That is really cool!!! Thanks for commenting on my new diet blog, I didn't even think anyone would really find it. :) I just found yours!