After a long greuling {FUN!} day with the fam, I finished my first workout of 30 day shred. I am now going to pass out, throw up, and die. In that order, if I'm lucky! Hopefully it won't be so bad tomorrow. My goal is at least five times this week. Wish me luck! :)


eat your way to skinny


I'm pretty sure all of us are conscious of our portions, or we would at least like to be. How do we know what 1/2 cup of ice cream looks like (the standard serving size)? What really is ONE portion of meat? Everyone knows that portions are much MUCH bigger nowadays. So how do you know how much to eat?



My cousin tipped me off to this delectable creation. He found out through his old mission companion's wife, who created it... didn't follow the connection? Doesn't matter. Aren't they gorgeous? And the colors are customizable.

So... how does it work? Each colored ring/floral design on the dish is a measurement of 1/4 cup to 1 cup. It's built in to the dinnerware. And if you forget what is what, the underside of each dish will remind you. Awesome. Soooo cool. And so much easier than lugging out your measuring cups, stuffing your food into that, then putting it onto your plate. That gives you nothing but wasted time, extra dishes, extra whiny kids/husband who are waiting for you to measure everything out, and ZERO motivation to eat proper portion sizes.

But Thinnerware? Wow, it does all the work for you. Awesome. Grand opening is May 27. I hope they still have dishes left on their shelves after day 1!




came today! (insert heavenly choir of angels)

After I catch up on sleep and heal, I am all over this bad boy!


Today I was kid-less for three hours.

Three hours! So instead of going back home and relaxing (which is what I reeeeeeaaaaally wanted to do!), I drove straight to the gym and worked out. It was awesome!

I did the stationary bike for 20 minutes, level 3 most of the time, and a little level 4. I was stoked.
Then I pounded out 10 minutes on the treadmill, 6 point incline, level 8. It rocked my world. I felt like I would never walk again! I'll see how I feel tomorrow.

My daily diet fluctuates. Some days I eat SUPER healthy, then others I totally blow it. I have little consistency. Well, I must say that I have the building blocks of a healthy diet with my everyday foods. I don't normally eat beef; it's either ground turkey or chicken breast. I don't keep a whole lot of processed foods at home. We eat a lot of raw stuff (fruits/veggies, not our meat. Don't want any confusion here!), and I make mostly everything from scratch.
I think it's the sauces that gets me. Hubby really likes Chicken Alfredo, which is such a deceiving meal. You think you're taking the healthy route by eating skinless chicken breast, but the yummy, creamy, delectable white sauce gets you with it's fat and high calories.
Not to mention, I have been STARVING these past few weeks. Like, voracious. Every hour I have.to.eat! Hopefully it's because I'm burning more calories these days and my body thinks I can afford those extra calories. But- NO, body! I am working hard to cut those calories out for good! Sheesh!
Another good tidbit:
Today I ordered Jillian Michael's 30-Day shred workout video. I am so excited!


Time to redeem myself....................

I haven't done anything in a long time. After my small injuries (so small that I shouldn't even consider them injuries, more like hiccups) and kiddo sickies, I seriously forgot about mama. That would be me. I put myself up on the back of the topmost shelf again, to gather dust and get forgotten about. It wasn't a conscious decision, and that was the problem. Working out and taking care of your body NEEDS to be a conscious decision, one that you make every day!

ANYWAY... I have made the effort to eat more veggies. Not that I don't like them (my kids even eat them plain!), but that they aren't as convenient as, say, Burger King chicken nuggets when you're on the road, your kids are screaming in the back for nourishment, and you are already frazzled. But I have made much more of an effort to cook better, healthier options at home (it's much nicer on the pocketbook, too), which includes vegetables and fruits of all kinds. Oh and guess what??? Fruits and veggies are naturally portable! I came across this article/blog post, and I thought it was pretty darn cool, so here you go: http://www.bartonpublishing.com/blog/2008/05/27/gods-pharmacy-foods-that-resemble-the-body-parts-they-help/
I've noticed that though I've been doing a stellar job of maintaining my weight (who else is good at maintaining their 50lbs overweight-ness???), I've been feeling extra flabby lately. Super un-toned. I know that under all those protective fat layers, I have one rockin' hot body! So I don't want the fat monster to win. And despite my constant battle with mystery migraines (three times in one week? What the what???), I've been battling the bulge with my pilates video and good old fashioned crunches. Lots of 'em. I hate those things! And that's probably why I should be doing them more often. I'm not going to be losing my tummy by thinking about sweat! :)
So..... GO! Get off your butts and do some jumping jacks! I'll do them too! :)