After a long greuling {FUN!} day with the fam, I finished my first workout of 30 day shred. I am now going to pass out, throw up, and die. In that order, if I'm lucky! Hopefully it won't be so bad tomorrow. My goal is at least five times this week. Wish me luck! :)


  1. Way to go! I have the SHRED too. It is a DANG good workout and everyone has 20 minutes. It's true, I do want to throw up before and after the workout,but yeah, I love it

  2. I ordered this after seeing you mention it on here. I've done the level one workout three times and the level two workout once. I love how intense it is and it's just twenty minutes! The strength part is by far the hardest for me......

  3. What is Shred, Sarah? Or do I want to know? Aunt Pam