Today I was kid-less for three hours.

Three hours! So instead of going back home and relaxing (which is what I reeeeeeaaaaally wanted to do!), I drove straight to the gym and worked out. It was awesome!

I did the stationary bike for 20 minutes, level 3 most of the time, and a little level 4. I was stoked.
Then I pounded out 10 minutes on the treadmill, 6 point incline, level 8. It rocked my world. I felt like I would never walk again! I'll see how I feel tomorrow.

My daily diet fluctuates. Some days I eat SUPER healthy, then others I totally blow it. I have little consistency. Well, I must say that I have the building blocks of a healthy diet with my everyday foods. I don't normally eat beef; it's either ground turkey or chicken breast. I don't keep a whole lot of processed foods at home. We eat a lot of raw stuff (fruits/veggies, not our meat. Don't want any confusion here!), and I make mostly everything from scratch.
I think it's the sauces that gets me. Hubby really likes Chicken Alfredo, which is such a deceiving meal. You think you're taking the healthy route by eating skinless chicken breast, but the yummy, creamy, delectable white sauce gets you with it's fat and high calories.
Not to mention, I have been STARVING these past few weeks. Like, voracious. Every hour I have.to.eat! Hopefully it's because I'm burning more calories these days and my body thinks I can afford those extra calories. But- NO, body! I am working hard to cut those calories out for good! Sheesh!
Another good tidbit:
Today I ordered Jillian Michael's 30-Day shred workout video. I am so excited!


  1. Sounds like a great use of time! They say the easiest way to stick with healthy eating is just to make tiny changes over time. In my case, it was replacing hot chocolate with diet chocolate, and then that with tea a majority of the time. Cut out a few hundred calories (I used to need a hot chocolate IV! I swear that stuff must have run through my veins!).

    What about planning one night a week to be a special, heavier meal (like pizza or that chicken alfredo), but make sure you have a salad with it. Load your plate up with salad, drink a big glass of water before diving into the heavier stuff. Might help!

    I just got a yoga tape for weight loss that I LOVE. It's energizing and I can do it barefoot. No need for special equipment. Score in my book!

  2. I am so proud of you! I need to get back to the gym, I have slacked alot! But at least I have been gardening! Great JOB!