Time to redeem myself....................

I haven't done anything in a long time. After my small injuries (so small that I shouldn't even consider them injuries, more like hiccups) and kiddo sickies, I seriously forgot about mama. That would be me. I put myself up on the back of the topmost shelf again, to gather dust and get forgotten about. It wasn't a conscious decision, and that was the problem. Working out and taking care of your body NEEDS to be a conscious decision, one that you make every day!

ANYWAY... I have made the effort to eat more veggies. Not that I don't like them (my kids even eat them plain!), but that they aren't as convenient as, say, Burger King chicken nuggets when you're on the road, your kids are screaming in the back for nourishment, and you are already frazzled. But I have made much more of an effort to cook better, healthier options at home (it's much nicer on the pocketbook, too), which includes vegetables and fruits of all kinds. Oh and guess what??? Fruits and veggies are naturally portable! I came across this article/blog post, and I thought it was pretty darn cool, so here you go: http://www.bartonpublishing.com/blog/2008/05/27/gods-pharmacy-foods-that-resemble-the-body-parts-they-help/
I've noticed that though I've been doing a stellar job of maintaining my weight (who else is good at maintaining their 50lbs overweight-ness???), I've been feeling extra flabby lately. Super un-toned. I know that under all those protective fat layers, I have one rockin' hot body! So I don't want the fat monster to win. And despite my constant battle with mystery migraines (three times in one week? What the what???), I've been battling the bulge with my pilates video and good old fashioned crunches. Lots of 'em. I hate those things! And that's probably why I should be doing them more often. I'm not going to be losing my tummy by thinking about sweat! :)
So..... GO! Get off your butts and do some jumping jacks! I'll do them too! :)


  1. Hang in there! I've put on some weight too. April was NOT a good eating month for me! But I just picked up a new yoga tape to help kick me into gear. After 20 minutes yesterday, my butt is already sore! lol

    I've maintained my 50lbs overwieghtness for YEARS. I'd be really happy just to solidly lose 40 of it!

    Check on my wellness blog and we'll keep each other on the right path!

  2. your so funny! I think i can loose weight by thinking about it. j/k
    I seriously need to get back to working out. I am riding my bike tonight and thats that!

  3. I'm pretty much in the same overweight maintaining rut....which is sad. I don't have any good excuse like being a busy mommy....I just like food...:P
    I'm officially jumping on the bandwagon. I did some lunges last night that are killing me! (ouch!) :P